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Managed Security Services


Considering the highly publicized major breach incidents, how to detect and prevent data breaches are on the forefront of every organization's Information Security plan. Most organizations do a good job at blocking inbound traffic. However, few are able to properly and effectively monitor, block, or even know what data is leaving their networks.

SMCPL's Managed Security Services

Our Managed Security Services can help you reduce the cost of security and simplify regulatory compliance. SMCPL's Managed Security Services include the following:

Network & Security Monitoring

A disaster or computer virus could cause catastrophic network outages. Effective monitoring is essential to ensure data security and business continuity. Our full range of services helps automate this process.

Data Center Operations

Reduce the financial burden of maintaining an in-house data center through our services, handled by industry-certified engineers and technicians. Plus, you get the flexibility to upgrade or expand your services as your business grows.

Security Administration

Our certified professionals manage the information security tasks for your enterprise and ensure that appropriate security controls are in place and properly followed.

Vulnerability Scanning & Penetration Testing

Our security experts provide ongoing services to identify any vulnerabilities in network devices such as firewalls and then test any identified vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Scanning

There are two main reasons why Vulnerability Scanning is important: 1) it is required for compliance with requirements such as PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, or SOX or 2) to evaluate any vulnerabilities in your new or changing networks. Detecting vulnerabilities and taking corrective action is important to any information security program and essential in protecting valued data assets from internal and external threats.
Our Vulnerability Assessments include a thorough evaluation of the target systems for known and newly-discovered vulnerabilities. This assessment includes automated scanning techniques that determine any abnormal or insecure protocols, ports, services, and system configurations.
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Port Scanning
Services Identification
Vulnerability Identification and Research
Findings Report
Remediation Recommendations
These assessments can be conducted from an internal perspective where we approach from inside the organization, much like a disgruntled employee would.
We can also conduct the assessment from an external perspective where we approach from outside of the organization, much like an internet-based attacker would.
SMCPL also offers annual and quarterly vulnerability services for customers requiring ongoing scanning for HIPAA and PCI compliance.

Penetration Testing

There are two main reasons why Penetration Testing is important: 1) it is required for compliance with requirements such as HIPAA or FISMA or 2) to discover any deficiencies in your networks. With growing threats, increasing attack sophistication, mandates for security compliance, and the pressure to protect corporate data, it is important to ensure your organization's defences functioning as designed.
SMCPL’s Penetration Testing methodology involves a comprehensive analysis of publicly available information about your target systems and configuration documentation. This assessment includes a mix of manual and automated scanning penetration techniques to identify the impact of vulnerabilities identified and understand the overall security behaviour of the target web application, database, and/or firewall.
Simply, SMCPL's experts will conduct ethical hacking that will help identify areas of exposure that may be putting your organization’s data at risk of exposure to internal and external threats and/or regulatory violations.
SMCPL also offers annual penetration testing for customers requiring ongoing testing for HIPAA and FISMA compliance.


Our experts will attempt entry through the routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, and any infrastructure you have in place to connect your systems.


Our experts will enter the servers (i.e. Windows, Linux, etc.) in an attempt to penetrate any exposed services like authentication, file transfer, and file shares.


Our experts will conduct testing against specific applications to identify existing vulnerabilities and enable you to protect the data held within those applications.


The Wireless Penetration Test is designed to mimic attempt entry through the Wi-Fi connections and any wireless infrastructure you have in place to connect your systems.

Phishing & Social Engineering

With our Phishing Penetration Test, our experts will use ethical tactics to phish your staff through email, phone, in-person, and/or social media as a method of identifying modern social threats and arming your organization against them.

Data Discovery

Our forensics investigations can pinpoint critical data throughout your enterprise, including personally identifiable information and data governed by regulations such as PCI compliance.

Our Proficiency

Our consulting, audit, and training services focus on our clients' most critical customer engagement, information security, compliance, and risk mitigation issues across all industries. Our qualified experts will bring deep, operational expertise to your organization regarding these issues.

Whether you are a business just getting its compliance, risk mitigation, or data security program started or need help monitoring, identifying, and ironing out any issues with the existing program, our qualified experts can help through their years of experience in specialized disciplines!