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Information Security Consulting and Implementation


In a joint effort, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electro technical Commission (IEC) developed the ISO/IEC 27001 information security standard for organizations managing a security management system.

Organizations may be certified compliant with the standard by an accredited third-party on successful completion.

International Standard of ISO/IEC 27001 explains about a management system that aims at passing information security to clear management control and functioning and mandates specific requirements.

Organizations adopting ISMS (ISO 27001) can claim to have complied with all the standards set for quality management.

The Information Security Management system talks about many important factors which should be looked after in the organizations to attain a quality performance of the IT related services.

Some of the factors may be Risk Assessment, governance of Information security, asset management, security policies, human resources security, Communications management, operations management, Access control, Business continuity management and Compliance with standards.

Organizations are built based on Information (Ideas/Creativity). Information is one of the biggest assets for any organization, it is valuable & it has to be protected. Information security is one of the very critical issues faced by every organization.

Failing to secure information has proven very costly to many organization resulting in loosing projects/clients, Brand damage, Financial losses etc. So security is important for that we have to take ISO 27001 Certification for the organisation.

It is frequently misunderstood that it is only applicable to IT; instead it is a generic standard which can be implemented in every industry sector.

Information security controls are based on asset which is broadly classified into Tangible and intangible. Tangible includes Infrastructure Technology, Software Application, Human resources, End points etc and intangible assets include patents, copyright etc.

The standard is based of risk approached practices. It is one of standard among other management system which is heavily implemented across the world. By classifying information within the organization helps you to protect all sensitive information.

The controls shall be implemented within IT department (Endpoints, Network, Application, and security devices), Human resources, Administration, Supplier/vendor management, Development and legal. Risk assessment shall conduct based on asset identified and the level of criticality.

Information Security

Information security can be defined as the protection of information or data, the system, and hardware that use, store and transmit that information.

Information security performs four important for an organization which is protect the organization’s ability to function, enable the safe operation of applications or program implemented on the organization’s IT systems, protect the data the organization collect and uses, and lastly is safeguards the technology assets in use at the organization.

Information Security is to combine systems, operations and controls to ensure integrity, availability & confidentiality of data and operation procedures in an organization.

How can organization secure information?

Implementing ISO 27001 certification is one of the effective ways to secure information in any organization. The standard focus on 114 security controls, using which information shall be protected from being breached.

ISO 27001 certification

It is an international standard for Information security. Latest version of the standard was released on 2013. Frame work of the standard was derived by annex SL format. Unlike other standards, it does not focuses more on standard rather on security controls.


Our qualified experts understand the impact these frameworks can have on your data maintenance and security procedures. We will bring procedural expertise to your organization regarding these issues.

Our Approach to build the systems /framework

Plan (establishing the ISMS)

Establish the policy, the ISMS objectives, processes and procedures related to risk management and the improvement of information security to provide results in line with the global policies and objectives of the organization.

Do (implementing and workings of the ISMS)

Implement and exploit the ISMS policy, controls, processes and procedures.

Check (monitoring and review of the ISMS)

Assess and, if applicable, measure the performances of the processes against the policy, objectives and practical experience and report results to management for review.

Act (update and improvement of the ISMS)

Undertake corrective and preventive actions, on the basis of the results of the ISMS internal audit and management review, or other relevant information to continually improve the said system.

SMCPL performs assessments to help businesses ensure compliance with a variety of government and industry data security standards and governance frameworks. We can help you better position your organization to meet other industry regulations by compliance with the international standard of ISO 27001.

Our assessment helps Managers Bridge the gap between control requirements, technical issues and business risks. Our services help you develop the appropriate policies, implement solutions to protect your corporate IT environment, log and monitor your compliance efforts, and effectively train your staff.

Consulting & Implementation

Let us assistance you to identify any information security risks or compliance gaps that may be threatening your business or its valued data assets.

Businesses in every industry face scrutiny for how they handle sensitive data including customer and prospect information.

Our experts have years of expertise and hold the appropriate designations and credentials to perform compliance assessments in a variety of areas.

Benefits for Organization

  • Brings your organization to compliance with legal, regulatory, and statutory requirements as per the standard
  • Make market differentiation due to positive influence on company prestige
  • Increase in overall organizational efficiency and operational performance.
  • Minimizes internal and external risks
  • Mitigate the critical services and ensure business continuity.
  • ISO 27001 certification is recognized globally.
  • Significantly limits security and privacy breaches.
  • Provides a process for Information Security and Corporate Governance.
  • Reduces operational risk while threats are assed and vulnerabilities are mitigated.
  • Provides your organization with continuous protection that allows for a flexible, effective, and defensible approach to security and privacy
  • Additionally, if you work with outsourced vendors, our compliance audit helps prevent potential liabilities by ensuring that their activities are aligned with your business's security standards.